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Condition Monitoring

Asset Management (Condition Based Maintenance)

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) has proved to be an essential strategy for optimization of machinery performance, leading to reduced maintenance costs per machine with increased production for many process industries and essential services.
In today's highly competitive local and global markets, no enterprise can afford to waste money on costly repairs and lost production time. It is shareholders' money and there is increasing demand for accountability. Dynamic Monitoring CBM indicates failure by early warning of a defective part, which is identified in its early stages of defect development and the problem identified.

The advantages of CBM are that spare parts may be ordered in advance of expected breakdown, reducing the need for standing stock, the prevention of secondary damage, reduced insurance premiums, and a more reliable repair can be expected in a shorter period of time, as maintenance personnel are far better prepared.

Condition Monitoring programs provided by Dynamic Monitoring are designed specifically to meet customers demands no matter how challenging the machine environment or process is by working as a partnership.