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Machines & Products

Machinery Protection Systems
On-Line Condition Monitoring Systems from low cost protection units to sophisticated machine protection systems are available.

A range of Analysis modes from Vibration, Speed, Temperature, Eccentricity, Thrust/Axial Position, Displacement-LVDT and process inputs are available.

CE Approved Accelerometers ranging from intrinsically safe to Radiation resistant. Velocity Transducers to Eddy Current Probes are also available.

Please use the enquiry page for you requirements or contact us directly for information.

Dynamic Balancing Machinery
A wide range of Dynamic Balancing machines are available. These include hard bearing & soft bearing machines for balancing rotors, Pump Impellers, Fans, Drive Shafts, Etc.

These machines have a choice of drives either belt driven or direct drive, covering a range of capacities and applications.

Smaller machines are available for Turbo charges, Small Armatures & other rotating assemblies. Please use the enquiry page for your specifications.