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Vibration Analysis Assessments performed by our experienced Engineers has proven to be cost effective in resolving consistent machine failures and loss in down time. Independent evaluation on machine condition using vibration analysis provides evidence for quality control purposes on any machine that has been overhauled or in operation.

Vibration analysis data provides valuable machine information on whether a machine has been correctly serviced and meets specific Vibration tolerances; this therefore provides customers with vital information before accepting the machine for operational use.

This type of service is used considerably on Steam Turbines and other rotating machineries, where by our clients aims are to deliver high standards on each overhaul through essential data collected.

This type of service has many advantages to all sectors of industry, such as one particular Hospital Air Handling Unit (AHU) that had repeated bearing failure caused by Dynamic Unbalance, with inappropriate bearings fitted to an intensive care unit. This level of impotency cannot be stressed enough; therefore vital evidence to a good machine condition is just as important as knowing that a potential problem exists.

Performance testing for long term operating machinery is necessary for any maintenance organisation budgets, to outline proposed costs for maintaining reliability. A leading Building Service company that provides facilities to an International Bank requires an assessment to evaluate machinery condition for a Dilapidation report, before finalising contracts. With realistically set budgets based on machinery condition, both the Building Service Company & Bank has a realistic outlook on costs for reliability.

Vibration Analysis Service by experienced Dynamic Monitoring consultants will identify a machines condition that will save on costs, therefore justifying the assessment.

The list below indicates typical problems that could affect rotating machinery;

  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Eccentricity
  • Bent Shaft
  • Shaft Crack
  • Mechanical Looseness
  • Journal Bearing Faults
  • Rolling Element Bearing Faults
  • Rotor Rub
  • Cavitation
  • Electrical Motor Problems
  • Gear Faults